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Money Mindset discusses the experiences and opinions of a middle-aged professional on the topic of money, including: financial planners, investment experiences, part-time income sources, real estate investment and private sales, web site income opportunities, changing professions, home office organization, money education for kids, and many other subjects I have experienced first hand or even just thought about.

Friday, February 10, 2006

As this blog progresses, I will post references to various resources and sites that I have used or learned about.

Here's the first one I'd like to mention. If you are looking for innovative ways to create new income streams, the first thing I will mention is what I would call a "high-value networking forum" called Dollar Makers, reachable at . It is full of new ideas and contacts that can help you create new revenues, either for an existing business, or from referral fees you can receive by connecting businesses with new clients they would not have otherwise found.

If you decide to join, and they ask for the source of your referral, I would appreciate it if you tell them it was "Scott" at "Money Mindset Blog" (





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