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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Rat Race - we learn it at a young age

I talk a lot about Robert Kiyosaki and his books. That's because he's been one of the biggest influences on me. If it wasn't for the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". I would probably still be working in a permanent full-time position, barely getting by, and getting deeper in debt (bad debt, that is).

One of Robert Kiyosaki's biggest initiatives has been educating not only adults, but kids, about the subject of money. I think this is extremely important, and something that has been lacking in most school programs.

Kiyosaki has developed a number of games that aim to teach while entertaining. We purchased the "Cashflow for Kids" game a couple of years ago, and our kids actually enjoy playing it. I think it has started getting them to think of where money comes from and where it goes.

If we can start to break the cycle of "keeping up with the joneses" (what he calls the Rat Race), by teaching our kids about it, then maybe they have a chance of retiring earlier than we do.

Just a note about the links that I put in this Blog. When you see the ads in the Google box at the top, they are chosen and placed by Google. When I place text links on my site, it may be informational, or it may also be an affiliate link, which is another part of my recent education about making money. I will write about affiliate programs as a source of income in future posts. I have started to join some programs, but I only plan to link to affiliate programs of merchants that I believe have good quality and value.

Here is the link to the Cashflow for Kids game...

... Scott

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